Cooler in Poker

In this article we will concentrate on the most strategically relevant context (cooler as a situation where two or more players have premium hands and have no choice but to play it all). Though there are other meanings as we will see later… We are not going to ignore that.

What’s a cooler on poker?

Regardless of the types of poker we play, a cooler is a concept that all poker players should know, because its definition is important to understand the essence of poker and it allows us to understand the issue of luck in poker, because essentially a cooler is a poker hand where we play well but we lose because we were almost doomed to lose either by the two cards our rivals have or by.

That’s, our hand was meant to lose in a cooler, and sadly, although we’re a very professional poker player, we can do very little and our fate is to lose the pot.

Often this situation happens when we have a lower hand pair than an opponent’s other hand; or when we even have a superior partner, the flop takes the trio to our opponent and because of the size of the boat we’re already engaged in and can’t withdraw.

But as we’ll see next, there are several other examples of this bad fortune play since we can have a good hand several times and we lose against a hand which is a bit unexpected and usually comes to complete a project or draw in poker.

Coolers in poker: Most common situations The most common cooler, as a situation that is the typical AA confrontation against KK in Texas Holdem regardless of the initial superiority of our hand according to poker mathematics, we are doomed to lose. Since most strategic advice frequently suggests re-prefloping with KK, so in most cases we can consider playing identically with AA, we can only say it’s a matter of bad luck if our couple of kings run into a pair of aces…

A poker player is a hand where you play well but end up losing, in case it’s a better, you should just think about it and try to recover emotionally. Otherwise, in the following hands of your game, you may become a loser and that’s a problem, because obviously it’s because you’re playing badly. That we lose a cooler doesn’t mean that luck with gifts can return the blow… If we go against figures we will surely end up losing a lot more. When you receive a cooler, bear in mind that it’s not that you played badly but that it’s poker’s nature.

Another usual cooler and in which there are no tricks worth escaping with poker cards is the one that measures a hand made of our opponent with a strong project. And it is that often, if the preflop action has been illustrated, we can find so many chips in the boat that by the odds of the pot or pot odds we are forced to face all-in looking for a bid. It’s better not to go all-in with ladder or low-color projects, but if we have a double project or an unbeatable color project (when it’s the Ace and can be when there are no folded cards on the table) it’s best to play it.

Another very characteristic cooler at the poker tables is what is known in English as “Case over case.” An phrase you’ll have heard on television poker programs as it’s about what would be a “trio versus trio” in Spanish. If we have a pair of 8 in hand and the flop brings a third eight, we will never be able to retire even if our adversary has finally achieved the same play (a trio of aces for example).

Historical example of a cooler at poker tables Although it looks like a hand taken from a Hollywood poker movie film, the cooler shown below is one of the World Series of Poker’s (WSOP’s) most legendary poker hands. Justin Phillips and Motoyuki Mabuchi were already interested in the hand as we see in this YouTube video when the ESPN cameras realized something major is about to happen.

We consider multicolor on A-9-Q in the flop. The turn was a diamond 10 and the diamond A had just emerged as a river… That way we had the five common cards in this hand already. Obviously those at the table were probably not expecting what happened next…

Mabuchi makes a big bet on the water, and resube Phillips. Mabuchi resube later, and Phillips ‘ instant call, showed we’d be before a historic side. We were really lost against a royal flush formed with KJ since a poker of aces… A cooler full fledged. “You have to be kidding,” ESPN analyst Norman Chad can be heard. If the aces poker is your last hand at the Main Event, you should have won the tournament… But it did serve to get removed in this situation. Superb.

Another sense of cooler: El gafe Beware that we radically change from third and although we often refer to a “cooler,” this time we’re talking about one of the most famous and legendary casino characters: the “gafe.” We definitely have this popular word in the Spanish language which is also used in many facets of life; the one of that individual “el gafe” who has such bad luck that he transfers that characteristic to all that he meets and proposes.

For casinos the badge figure is a myth. But there may be some reality there. In this context the game’s most emblematic movie about gafes is called exactly like this: Cooler. The film describes a fact that although we might think it’s a myth, in many casinos it’s a reality; that use superstition to do everything possible so that the streaks of good luck end or at least make some players worried that they’re going through that moment when it’s all going well.

As is sometimes the case in real life in this film, casino managers and managers employ a “cooler” that is to say a badge. Usually this person is someone with a scruffy and pessimistic appearance that is detected by many people simply by observing or crossing with him, and who has the “fame” that attracts bad luck. Whether it’s true or not, the effect of a badge entering the game table where we are is significant as the player can change his behavior pattern or bet size perfectly. For poker, a badge will greatly affect the poker player’s personality, which might be confused by how he plays or how this person looks at him.

The interesting thing about this film is that it reveals how a Las Vegas “old school” casino has a professional badge or cooler that reaches the tables where its services are required. Generally blackjack or roulette tables where some player has a lot of money to make.

The film shows the figure actually works (even focusing on the good salary paid to this employee) and how important it is for casino numbers. The problem is that the cooler leaves his duties aside in this story because he falls madly in love with another casino employee and this endangers the casino’s secure profitability.

Another aspect we can highlight from the movie is that you can see how the cooler is not happy himself even though he has a lot to do in a casino. And despite being a demanding figure and being loved by the casino itself, it does not find its place in Las Vegas. That’s why the “unfortunate professional”-living love story is a very enticing theme.

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