Poker Game And Tactics

The Check Raise
If your opponent speaks after you, you can check to make a bet on his part, and raise it behind. With a solid hand like a bluff, the check-raise puts you in a strong position.

The Semi Bluff
It is possible to play a draw like a made hand, taking the initiative. You can thus win the blow thanks to your bluff, or by concretizing your draw.

Blocking Bet
The blocking bet (locking up) is a moderate set to stay locked in a shot for less. It allows, when the move works, to see a card or the shodown for cheap while preventing the opponent from bluffing the shot.

The SmallBall
the strategy of smallball is to multiply the small gains, then use the built image to make big pots later. To perform this task correctly, the first advice is to widen your game by raising a lot of preflop hands.
The Bluff
You have a weak or even average hand but you have a good reading of the game and feel the weakness of your opponent (s), ready to try a bluff .

The Continuation Bet
With a hand raised before the flop such as Ace-King, you can bet on the flop even if your hand has not improved. If your opponent hasn’t touched anything or if he feels threatened by the board, he will fold.
All strategies have their parades, this is how the floating technique makes it possible to counter that of the continuation bet .
The principle of floating is simple, it is to counter a player very frequently using the continuation bet by following his bet on the flop to have information at lower cost on the turn.

The Squeeze Play
Literally, the English word “squeeze” means “compress, squeeze, squeeze” and that’s exactly what it is when you make this move.

The Flat Call Bluff
There is a sophisticated bluffing technique , used in particular by the best players, which consists in following an auction with nothing or very little in hand with the aim of bluffing on the next card, especially if it completes a possible draw.

The position
Being the last to speak is a major advantage because you collect valuable information from the hands of your opponents. You can also control the size of the pot or withhold information (if your opponent bets, you pay, if he checks you check so he cannot see you on a hand) . It is the ideal position to bluff!

The Change Gears
Change-Gears means “change speed” and describes a fundamental principle of poker. In poker, you often have to change your style, change your tactics. On the one hand, you have to stay unpredictable and on the other hand, you have to adapt to new circumstances during the game.

The 3 Bet Light
The 3bet is the action of the reraise preflop raise from a player. The name “3 bet” does not come from the size of the raise, but simply from the fact that it is the third possible action

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